Cyber Security

The human factor is the weak link in Security

Cyber Security


Cyber Security today has become the core of everything that moves around the world of IT, this is something that we at Glidesec take seriously

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  • Your website or app is no longer visible online
  • You think they hacked or cloned your social profile
  • You've received strange emails from seemingly safe senders
  • You have received ransom demands to unlock your data
  • You can no longer access your online accounts

Thanks to our team of experts, we analyze the entire perimeter of private and corporate systems, filter suspicious activities, monitor assets (PCs, domains, emails, smartphones, servers, workstations), detect vulnerabilities, mitigate attacks in real time 24 hours a day /7, through indispensable applications and services to prevent or mitigate cyber attacks of any entity, guaranteeing up to 99% of total protection for all assets, furthermore, thanks to our team of lawyers, we interface with Big Tech to speed up response times resolution

We always remember that there is the remaining 1% of risk to be considered, attributed to the human factor, so to cover even this small percentage, you will have to guarantee adequate training of the staff or at least of all those who manage or administer the company's IT departments . An untrained employee could cost the company more than a targeted cyber attack, this is because all it takes is a simple email taken lightly or the simple use of one's company smartphone in an unprotected network or the irresponsible use of company data on devices private individuals, to cause damage to the company amounting to thousands if not millions of Euros!


In an era where connectivity has become the norm and every device is a potential threat, security is no longer an option, but a necessity…

Clusit Report

Overview of the most significant security incidents that occurred globally (2022)