This service is designed to protect your digital infrastructures from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, one of the most common and harmful threats in cyberspace. With our innovative approach, we not only detect and neutralize DDoS attacks but also work to prevent them, ensuring that your online activities remain smooth and uninterrupted.

Suppose your company manages an e-commerce site that has recently experienced slowdowns and interruptions due to suspected DDoS attacks. Here's how Glidersec Srl could intervene:

Proactive Monitoring:

We implement a continuous monitoring system that analyzes traffic to your network, identifying abnormal patterns that could indicate an ongoing DDoS attack.

Detection and Analysis:

As soon as we detect a potential attack, our system begins a detailed analysis to confirm the nature of the attack and determine its source and intensity.

Attack Mitigation:

Once the attack is confirmed, we activate our mitigation protocols. This may include redirecting harmful traffic, implementing filters, and collaborating with internet service providers to block illicit traffic.

Reports and Advice:

After neutralizing the attack, we provide a detailed report on the incident and advise on how to further improve your defenses against future DDoS attacks.

Enhanced Resilience against Service Interruptions
Continuous Protection from DDoS Attacks
Improved Stability and Availability of the Site
Reduced Risk of Damage and Economic Loss
Clusit Report

Overview of the most significant security incidents that occurred globally (2022)