SOC (Security Operations Center), a fundamental pillar in our cybersecurity offering. Our SOC is a dedicated facility that monitors, assesses, and defends your networks, systems, and applications from cyber threats 24/7. Using cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled personnel, we quickly detect cyber attacks and promptly intervene to mitigate them. Our approach is based on constant vigilance and in-depth threat analysis, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is proactively protected and that risks are effectively managed.

Imagine your company manages a large customer database and relies heavily on data security. Here's how our SOC service operates to protect your business :

Continuous Monitoring:

Our SOC continuously monitors your network to detect suspicious activities or anomalies, using sophisticated analysis and detection tools.

Threat Detection and Alarms:

In case of unusual behaviors or signs of a potential cyber attack, the system generates an alarm and our expert team immediately begins analysis.

Rapid Analysis and Intervention:

We analyze the alarm to determine its severity and, if necessary, quickly intervene to contain and mitigate the attack, minimizing potential damages.

Reports and Recommendations:

We provide detailed reports on the incident and suggest improvements to prevent future attacks, helping you continuously strengthen your cybersecurity.

24/7 Monitoring and Protection
Reduced Incident Response Times
Continuous Security Improvement
Compliance with Security Regulations
Clusit Report

Overview of the most significant security incidents that occurred globally (2022)